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‘No PVC, no church’ – Priest sends members home from church without voters card


A Catholic Priest has shut the door of his church to members who show up at the Sunday worship service without their Permanent Voters Card (PVC), .

A video of the stranded congregants and the priest scolding those without PVC, was shared on Twitter by a political activist, Rinu Oduala, who also has been forceful in pushing for PVC enrolment.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has hinted of a possible extension of the deadline for PVC registration which ends this June.

It is not clear the location of the church where the priest barred members without PVC from accessing. But from the attire of the priest and the congregants, it appears to be a Catholic church in the North.

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In the video, the priest addressed the church members before allowing those with PVC to come in, while those without PVC were asked to return to their home.

The priest said:
” From today, if you are coming for mass, carry your PVC along. If you don’t have your PVC, don’t bother coming. Because there is no point having Christians fill the church, and during election, you have only a handful of them going out to vote. It means our number mean nothing. So, we want Christians to take their responsibility seriously. So as I am standing here, if you have your PVC, begin to come in. If you don’t have your PVC, find your way back home.” CONTINUE READING

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