CADET corps get certified in Osun as NYDN to breed future leaders

Network For Youths Development Initiative (NYDN) has sprung from NCCL, a volunteer and religious paramilitary association. Surveillance Cadet Corps, Osun State, flagged off the rebranding on Sunday, June 11th, 2022.

At the launch of NYDN, the organization was modified, which included a name change, as a result of the requirement to register as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with the approval of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The Network For Youths Development Initiative aids in the development of future generations of youth.

The organization was founded in 2015 by corp Ambassador Ojekemi Felix Ibukun, NYDN has helped the Cadet Corps by inculcating in the youth the spirit of discipline, selflessness, courage, confidence, and feeling of patriotism to make them useful citizens in the community.

NYDN’S aim and objectives are to create vocational training to motivate and engage youths for leadership quality in the community, to assist the security agent with needful information to carry out their duties when needed, and to facilitate collaboration among all youth organizations in all our branches across the Nation.

“The youth is the instrument of Boko haram and bandits used in disturbing the peace of the country, this became a wake-up call for the founder of NYDN Mr. Ojekemi whose motive in Creating NYDN is to engage most of the youth in vocational training and leadership qualities irrespective of religion, tribe, or ethics,” said Cdt Major Adelakun Taiwo Nydn state commander

Speaking with Voiceairmedia on NYDN formation; the founder Mr. Felix said he seeks collaboration and assistance be it financial or advice from other youth organizations to keep NYDN moving.

Officer Linus Dubia of Ejigbo Division, Osun State emphasized the need for people to be security conscious, and he said it is everybody’s business.

The Commander of Amotekun, Commander Oluwatobi of Ayedade local government who was also present at the event gave a light note, advising the corp member of NYDN to be of good conduct and can at anytime seek help from any paramilitary officers, be it cadet, Amotekun and others.

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Man O’ War commander, Osun state unit Speaks on discipline, says in his word,
“Discipline should be every paramilitary watchword and I and the Man O’ war are ready to cooperate with NYDN to train the youth in becoming useful for the community”.

He further said all officers should put on their Uniforms when going to cast their votes as the Osun state election is fast approaching.

Comrade Ambassador Abdul-Aziz Ismail, the state chairman National youth council of Nigeria, Osun chapter while exercising the importance of CAC said that “Most of the people don’t understand the importance of being affiliated to the National youth council of Nigeria.

In some states, all organizations under the National Youth Council of Nigeria get paid by the state government through Grant or subvention.

He also said that under his administration members of the organization had access to Covid 19 loan which is the least a member had then though it did not go round but each organization under the national youth council of Nigeria had one or two slots and get a minimum of N500,000 each.

“Recently, the Osun state government distributed the Osun State insurance scheme which also goes to members of voluntary organization

“Imagine having these opportunities as a member of an organization registered under the national youth council of Nigeria,” he added

He then urges everyone both the youths and adult to get their PVC and come out to exercise their franchise, vote does count and PVC is available at every INEC local government office.

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Votèrs Apathy are mostly the youth because youths are NYSC corps members who are going to be INEC ad-hoc staff, security agencies, observers and media workers,

“Every Security officer or paramilitaries should have it in mind that they are citizens and have the right to vote during the election but should not vote when putting on their uniforms, you can find a place to change your uniform then cast your vote and after voting should go back to their primary assignment and never cast their vote when on a uniform. ,” He said while presenting the CAC certificate to the state commander, Cdt Major Adelakun Taiwo NYDN state.

Chief Akinwale Rafiu, a former OPC coordinator in Osun State and now the deputy director of mobilization throughout Nigeria, Advices the youth organizations that in whatever they do; do it well and do what will bring advancement to the state and Nation.

Cdt co major Adelakun Taiwo explaining the procedure for recruiting new members said that “members should be ready to serve, and will go through an interview before being accepted into NYDN”.

He then calls for unity among Osun residents and to be peace-loving people.

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