Press Freedom Day: Osun calls for action against digital attacks on journalists

The Government of Osun state has called on stakeholders to come together to tackle the prevailing issues of digitall attacks on journalists and proffer concrete solutions.

This, according to Osun government, is necessary for the continued guarantee of press freedom in the era of digital communication.

This is as the government reaffirmed its continued commitment to upholding both local and international statutes guaranteeing essential freedom of expression.

In a statement released by the Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, Funke Egbemode, Osun government lauded journalists and media professionals, describing them as unsung heroes of democracy.

The statement also assured journalists especially those practicing in Osun state that it will continue to do all that is legally possible to protect and make their operations as smooth as possible them.

“It is a pleasure to join the government of states and nations in the 2022 commemoration of the World Press Freedom Day, as a reaffirmation of the noble role of a free press in a democracy.

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“We as a government appreciate the efforts and labours of journalists and media professionals, the unsung heroes of our democracy, who have continued to provide citizens with information about our nation, our government , our lives. Their contributions have been critical to the ability of citizens to hold leaders accountable, explain and analyze government policies just as the constitution requires of them.

“The freedom of the press remains an essential pillar of a democratic society. Upon this recognition, the Osun government has continued to uphold both local and international statutes guaranteeing

 freedom of expression, but unfortunately, the freedom of the press has continued to be attacked especially by non-state actors who are particular about circumventing the truth.

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“This year’s theme, “Journalism under Digital Siege”, is very apposite to the goings-on in the media space, as it aims to highlight the multiple ways in which journalists and journalism are endangered by surveillance and digitally meditated attacks. 

“The sponsors of this brand of attack have an agenda, which is inimical to public good and wellbeing. This explains why on a day like this, and indeed going forward, relevant stakeholders, including policymakers, journalists, media representatives, activists, cybersecurity managers, and legal experts, should come together to explore these issues and develop concrete solutions so that the threats posed by increased digital mediation to press freedom and privacy can be addressed. 

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“We seize this occasion to register our respect and sympathy to journalists who are being harassed, are in danger, and those whose lives have been lost in the cause of their professional duty.

“On our part as a responsible and responsive government  we will continue to do all that is legally possible to protect journalists and journalism in the State of the Virtuous, in the collective interest of the good people of Osun”, the statement read.

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