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Let None Of You leave This House Broke, Ex-Minister, Ogbeh Hints Northern Reps On What They Should Do




A former minister of agriculture, Audu Ogbeh has advised northern lawmakers in the house of representatives to be financially responsible.



This advice was given by the former minister on Monday at a retreat organised for north lawmakers in the lower legislative chamber.

According to the former minister, there is nothing as terrible as being “a well-known nobody”, adding that they should think of projects to invest their income in.



“I want to advise you — a piece of advice I gave myself which has worked very well. Let none of you leave this house broke. Make an effort and save some money,” he said.

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“I know that you are under terrible pressure. I can count how many text messages you get daily asking for financial support and there is no way you can run away from it.

“Try and save some money. Try and think of a small industrial project to invest in. If every one of you were to make such an effort, there would be industries everywhere.



“No matter how small, when you leave here, you can go home and expand it.”



The former minister told the lawmakers that their investments could be transferred to their children.


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“Develop a second address, a more permanent address, which you can hand over to your children — the one that will give you an identity, dignity and protect you from laughter even from those you have helped,” he said.



Speaking on developmental efforts in the region, Ogbeh added that “the problem of the north is absolute lack of industrialisation and sluggishness in education”.



















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