Just In: Ekiti Student Matchets 400 Level Business Admin. Class Governor’s Hand Over $250 (N70000)



Tension in Ekiti community as yet to be known student (as at press time) has cut the hand of a 400 level Governor of the department of business administration of Ekiti State University (EKSU) over Yahoo Yahoo transaction of $250 which is 70k in Naira.


The victim was identified as Adumati Olawale, 400 level governor of the department of business administration of Ekiti State University (EKSU).


VAM News learnt that a disagreement about Yahoo yahoo transaction of a gift card worth $250 was the cause of the conflict that led to the cutting of Adumati’s hand.



When contacted, the EKSU SUG president, Temmy Tee, has confirmed the incident.

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He said, “he is my class governor, they had a rift over an amount of money I guess, and in the course, it happened.”











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