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N180 ransom: How Kidnappers of Greenfield university students become millionaires


Parents of just released Greenfield university students have revealed that they were abandoned by the government who did nothing to help them secure the release of their children.

According to them, they raised N180million which was paid to the kidnappers. Another parent also revealed that the kidnappers were also given motorcycles.

They told of how they sold their property to raise the N180million ransom paid to the gunmen.

The abductees were let off last night close to Ollam Farms on the Kaduna – Abuja highway. Soon afterward, some security men around the scene picked them up to hand them over to the police, but the parents of the students would have none of that.

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They forced open the gate of the farms to have access to the students before snatching them away. They branded the government insensitive, uncaring and leaving them to their fate all this while.

They recalled repeated pleas to the state government and the security agencies to help secure the release of the abductees and how they resorted to selling their assets to raise money for the ransom.

One of the parents said: “we paid N180 million; that is what they collected from us without the help of any government.

“We, the parents, paid. The government did not send a single policeman to go after our children’s kidnappers.”

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A crying mother said they also gave motorcycles to the bandits as part of the ransom.

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