APC Is A Dying Party In Osun – PDP Chair Declares

THE Osun State People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) Chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi, has described the All Progressive congress (APC) Osun state chapter as a dying party.

The Osun PDP Chairman said this in a statement which he released to Newsmen on Friday, May 17th, 2024.

Sunday Bisi also said that unfazed by the orchestrated drama by the opposition APC to shore up it’s bad fortunes in Osun State, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party has expressed what it termed as vindicative satisfaction over its long term stance against some individuals who the party had identified as parasites and agents of invasive subjugation collaborating with enemies of Osun State to suffocate the good vision of the founding fathers.

He urged the people of Osun State not to lose sleep over the formal realignment of some political traders, whose round tripping business of feeding fat on the common patrimony of the state was decisively halted through the July 16 2022 governorship election.

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“The PDP believe the inglorious antecedents of the disillusioned dramatis personae involved in the soap opera of Self Pleasuring are in public court. Such individuals like Mr Dotun Babayemi and his ilk have since been put in their place long before now and have ceased to be members of our party right before the 2022 governorship election.

“We however understand that Osun PDP’s image stock is so huge that impressionists like Babayemi must clinge onto, deceiving themselves as decamping from the ruling party.

Hon. Sunday Bisi, Osun State PDP Chairman

“We hold that self help may not be unusual with desperate politicians but self deceit is a sign of ominous trouble! Tagging people you know you have worked with to fight the PDP, right when the party was in opposition, as defectors from the same party that floored you inside out, is simply put, a terminal symptom of APC s life-limiting illness.

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“Or is it not self deceit taken too far to say that one Akin Ogunbiyi who was sponsored to contest the last governorship election in the state on the banner of Accord Party is also defecting from the PDP? Someone the PDP was confident enough to refuse his reabsorption into the the party after his failed Accord voyage?

“The same Ogunbiyi whose electoral worth was put to test with Accord and scored paltry 4 thousand votes or thereabouts including those of his polling agents?

“Or the octogenarian Shuaibu Oyedokun who has been a liability to himself, living on samaritan gestures of the PDP over the years based on his age? A man who had no record of performance at his electoral unit, let alone his community? That is not a character to be missed by a strong political institution like the PDP.

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“Osun people are assured that the PDP train of victory recorded in recent elections in Osun State, is indivisibly intact. The people’s Governor, Asiwaju Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke is also unperturbed by the distractive antics of the never do wells, whose mission to end Osun State economically has since been defeated.

“All developmental plans put in place by his Excellency, the Executive Governor would continue to form the fulcrum of the PDP administration and will be executed religiously for the wellbeing of all and sundry, statement reads.

Voice Air Media (VAM) News gathered that Dotun Babayemi officially joined the APC party today, in an elaborate event held in Osogbo, Osun state capital.

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