In not-so-good news for Nigerians as UK Increases visa fees application

VAM News Update

THE UK Home Office has revealed significant increases in visa fees, set to take effect on October 4th.

The short-term visit visa fee for durations up to six months will rise from £15 to £115, marking a 667% surge, while student visa fees will jump from £127 to £490, a 286% increment.

The UK government clarified in an official statement on their website that the hike aims to fund ‘vital services’ and channel more budget towards public sector wage increases.

Earlier in July, the UK had announced a 15% fee uptick for most work and visit visas and at least a 20% boost for priority visas, study visas, and sponsorship certificates.

The statement further highlighted, “Revenues from the visa fees are essential for the Home Office’s ability to maintain a sustainable immigration system.

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Fee adjustments are carefully considered to minimize the fiscal burden on British taxpayers while ensuring the UK remains an attractive destination for prospective workers, promoting overall national prosperity.”

The revised fees encompass charges for various durations of visit visas, including up to six months, two, five, and ten years.

Additionally, entry clearance fees, certain application fees for remaining in the UK, work and study fees, and others have been adjusted.

Notably, the impending increase does not cover the proposed rise in the Immigration Health Surcharge, set to be introduced later this autumn.

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