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You don’t actually need to break the bank to look good – Makarious CEO reels out Fashion tips


Adebayo Blessing Temmy, the Founder of the Fashion house, Makarious, has reeled out some fashion tips to the public, said you don’t actually need to break the bank to look good.

Adebayo Blessing Temmy, on Monday, July 19th while delivering an online lecture at the yearly event; tagged ‘DOWOB’ to mark the birthday of the publisher of VAM, Bright Olorungbotemi.

DOWOB, drive out with Bright Olorungbotemi is a programme designed to tackle poverty, preach good governance and change the lifestyle of citizens and society at large.

You don’t actually need to break the bank to look good – Makarious CEO

Temmy, described fashion as a form of self-expression, unique, self fulfilling and also part of a person’s Identity.

According to her, “then you will agree with me that everyone should express themselves in an Efficient Manner.”

“It is an expression of one’s taste. Therefore, Expression of oneself in a way that is rare and unique is FASHION.”

Talking on Dressing Etiquettes, She said DRESSING ETIQUETTES is knowing what is appropriate to wear for particular occasions.

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It is essential to dress appropriately for an everlasting impression.
Also, people who dresses shabbily are never taken seriously.

The Makarious CEO revealed the following; DRESSING ETIQUETTES
Putting on a smile. ( Smile makes you get Attractive)
Making use of deodorant ( deodorant gives confidence)
clothes should be clean and ironed.
clothes color Should be well coordinated.
Always be modest.
Your dress should match your occasion.

Also, Now, we’ll be moving to the BASIC WARDROBE NEEDS

At least 1 black trouser, 1 blue jean and 1 black Jean.
A black suit.
A pair of black shoe. A pair of black sandal
A white shirt .
one black belt.
3 neatly starched Ankara or Senator material.
7 boxers and 4 singlets should be in your wardrobe.
A pair of white sneakers.
2 Polos and 2 round neck.
A Sunglasses and a reading glasses.
Accessories (average quality if you can’t afford the expensive ones).
One black tie and other colour tie.


A black and white pants.
A white shirt.
Pair of black and nude flat.
Jean jacket. ( denim jacket)
Pair of heeled sandals.
White sneakers.
A leather belt.
3 perfectly fitting bra and 6 panties.
3 striped shirt.
A wrap dress.
Simple shades.
White or black turtle neck top.
A black kneel length skirt.
A Blazer.
A wrists watch.
At least one necklace.

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Temmy, further said, every occasion has a particular style of dressing that suits it.

“Also, one of the attribute of DRESSING ETIQUETTES says your dress should match your occasion”, She said.

For Wedding Outfits
Ladies should not wear white dresses in wedding as the color white is just for the bride.

A floor- length gown is perfect.
Knee-length dress is a fine.
For guys,Dark coloured suit is fine.
You can also chose a native attire of your choice.

Moving to Job interview outfits, An INTERVIEW OUTFIT

She said, Your attire should reflect that you are disciplined and ready to work.

A wrist-watch is needed, it shows you value time.
Flashy colors should be avoided.
Too much jangly jewelries should be avoided.
Wear deodorants
You must be cooperately dressed.

You should wear a dark- coloured suit with light colored shirt
Your suit should be comfortable and fit you well.
And ensure your attired is neatly ironed.

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Conclusively, OUTFITS that offer you comfort and relaxation are refers to as casual wears, Temmy said

They are for informal settings and activities like Cinema, beach, visit to the mall, weekend classes and staying at home
Casual classes mostly include shorts, polo, tees, jeans, ripped jeans, Jean jacket (denim jacket) and jumpsuits.

So lastly it’s a good one for everyone to know there body type
Knowing your body type will make you know the type of cloth that suit you most.

Majorly, there are 5 types of body for guys
Inverted Triangle
And female body Types are
Pears or triangle
Inverted Triangle or Apple
Hourglass, the lecture revealed.

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