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Ten Qualities Of A Good Husband Material Which Lady Must Observe — Reno Discloses


Human rights activist, Reno Omokri serves his nuggets of wisdom once again as he notes the qualities of good husband material.

Reno who had listed the characteristics of a good wife material balanced the equation by adding the qualities expected of a perfect husband too.

Taking to Instagram, the self-acclaimed Buhari Tormentor wrote;

“10 Qualities of a Husband Material

1. He does not request or pressure you for intercourse.

2. He has financial chemistry
The source of his financial chemistry is known.

3. You have seen him when he is angry and upset and he is not violent in such circumstances.

4. He is in control of the relationship without being controlling.

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5. He respects his own parents, whether dead or alive (if he does not respect his parents, irrespective of whether or not they deserve respect, he cannot respect you)

6. He has a mind of his own.

7. He is not controlled by the opinions of his family or friends. He is also not controlled by YOUR opinions. (If he is, he is weak. You are marrying a boy, not a man).

8. You have shared interests with him (whether traveling, reading, working out, music, etc)

9. No matter how successful he presently is, he still has ambitions to be better and more successful in future.

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10. You share the same religious and moral values (if you marry outside your faith, it means you love your partner more than your God)”

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