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Thunderstrike Kills Seven Cows On A Farm, Injures Two Herders



Thunderstrike has reportedly killed seven cows and injured two herders in a farm at Alla, in Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State.



VAM news learnt that the incident occurred when two sets of migrant herdsmen were on their way from Oke-Ode to Alla.



They had a stopover at a farmland in Isin Local Government Area of the state.



The thunder strike during the rainfall then reportedly killed seven cows and injured two herders in their temporary camp.



” A good citizen reported to the community for necessary action, while the King of the community, Alalla of Alla, alerted the DPO, Oke-Onigbin and some Fulanis in his domain on the development.

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One of the victims, received treatment at Awoye Clinic in Oro town, while another one was treated at an undisclosed hospital in Igbaja town.



At a meeting on Tuesday, in the Alalla’s palace, it was resolved that the owners of the cows, will take care of their children because it was a natural disaster.

















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