Community policing strategies indispensable to crime fighting – Kano CP

Kano state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Usaini Gumel, on Monday, has given reasons community policing strategies remain indispensable in crime fighting, crime control and crime management.


He insisted that hardly can the job of policing become very successful without applying innovative strategies of community policing, using kinetic and non-kinetic approaches. He also gave instances of his successes through the method of modelled community policing strategies.


The Kano police boss spoke during the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Kano, Ungogo chapter Law Week.


Read his speech below:


“Distinguished guests from the Bar and Bench, esteemed colleagues, heads of security agencies, members of the media, members of the public, ladies and gentlemen,


“It is a great honour to address you today at this significant Law Week event. The theme, “”The Role of Law in Mitigating the Impact of Economic Reforms in Nigeria,” is both timely and pertinent, especially given the current economic landscape of our nation.


“When I assumed the office of Commissioner of Police for Kano State early last year, I became aware of the enormous but unique security challenges inherent to this dynamic region. I assured the Command’s management team that we could transform these challenges into assets. Kano, known worldwide for its political consciousness and proactivity, provides an environment where policing efforts are always under public scrutiny, both locally and internationally. Rather than seeing this situation as a hindrance, I viewed it as a catalyst for us to excel in our duties.

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“From the onset, I emphasized the importance of collective effort and community collaboration in promoting our policing activities. Our strategy has been straightforward: engaging with the communities we serve, listening to their concerns, and working together to overcome emerging security challenges. This approach has enabled us to effectively address socio-economic crime dynamics and create a safer environment for all residents of Kano State.


“One of our significant achievements has been the reduction of various forms of crime, including armed robbery, mobile phone snatching, the theft and sale of minors, inter and intra-communal thuggery, and illicit drug dealings. These successes are the result of robust synergy with allied security agencies and the unwavering support of the larger community, including the Kano State Government, traditional institutions, religious organizations, NGOs, and the larger people of Kano.

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“A notable initiative under my watch has been the integration of repentant notorious youths back into society. This non-kinetic approach has proven highly effective. Over Seven Hundred and Eighteen (718) influential youths have renounced their involvement in crime and surrendered their weapons. I am aware that the State Government, under the leadership of His Excellency, Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, is currently working assiduously to support these individuals through scholarship offers and skills acquisition opportunities.


“Additionally, fifty of these youths have joined the police special constabulary and are assisting in crime prevention efforts in their respective local communities as provided by the police act. Our use of technology in crime-fighting, combined with a focus on respecting fundamental human rights, has reinforced our community partnership approach. By ensuring that the police force is seen as a friend and protector, we have built trust and cooperation with the public—essential elements for effective policing.


“We have also maintained high standards of performance and professionalism within the force. Weekly lectures and continuous training sessions have ensured that our officers exhibit the utmost discipline and professionalism in their duties. This commitment to excellence has earned us respect and made our actions more acceptable to the communities we serve.

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“Despite occasional criticisms from certain quarters, the results of our methods speak for themselves. Our community engagement and preventive measures have not only reduced crime rates but also fostered a sense of security and trust among the populace.


“Invited guests, ladies, and gentlemen, as we navigate the economic reforms currently underway in Nigeria, we are aware that the role of law enforcement becomes even more critical. Economic changes can lead to social unrest and increased crime if not managed properly. Our proactive measures in Kano State serve as a model for how effective policing, community collaboration, and respect for human rights can mitigate the adverse effects of these reforms.


“In conclusion, the successes we have achieved in Kano State underscore the importance of a community-centric approach to policing. By working together with the people, addressing socio-economic crimes, and ensuring that our officers uphold the highest standards of professionalism, we have created a safer and more secure environment for all.


“Finally, as we move forward, let us continue to build on these foundations and strive for a society where law and order prevail, even in the face of economic challenges.”




Akanji Philip

Correspondent at Voice Air Media.

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