DEVCOM Empowering Families: Media Advocacy Field Trip To Primary Health Care Centers In Osun

…Clients call on citizens to opt in Family Planning

In a bid to shed light on the significance of family planning and dispel misconceptions surrounding it, Media Forum In Osun state sponsored by Development Communication Network (DEVCOM), a media-development capacity non-profit organisation, in support of The Challenge Initiative (TCI) on Thursday April 18th, visited Oke-Baale Primary Health Care Center (PHC), Asubiaro Health Care in Osogbo, Osun state, to engage with the clients and family planning service providers about their experiences, benefits and perspectives on family planning methods.

Speaking during the trip, Yetunde Adigun, one of the clients emphasized the importance of breaking stereotypes associated with family planning.

She debunked the myth of infertility, asserting that, “family planning, when tailored to an individual’s body, contributes to domestic tranquility by providing space for recovery after childbirth and fostering responsible family planning.”

Another patient, Ms Opeyemi, expressed interest in family planning solely for the purpose of ensuring a better future and proper spacing between children.

Highlighting the inevitability of sexual intimacy within marriages, she underscored the importance of informed decision-making in choosing a suitable family planning method.

Among the various methods discussed, the arm implant method, known as Jadelle or Implanon, garnered significant attention.

Clients expressed interest in this long-term, reversible contraceptive option, citing its convenience and effectiveness.

Mrs Morenikeji said the advantage of Family Planning are enormous because they are able to plan ahead for the children and the parents.

“I and my husband agreed to plan our family to enable our children have good education for our children. Since I started using the implant method, I have never experienced any negative effect.

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“Although people are complains of stoppage of flow of blood during their menstrual periods, although, despite this, Nigerians should embrace Family Planning.”

Another Client, Ms Sola who spoke with the forum, was a first timer who told us that was her first time and she has agreed with her husband to control their family.

While the other woman said since she and her husband started the family they have been able to give spaces to their children for good education, good food and good welfare activities.

She advised couples to opt for family planning so that their children will not become a nuisance to them in the nearest future.

Another Speaker, The Matron said her challenges from her clients has to do with their mindset for particular method different from what is suitable for them according to tests conducted for them.

She added that another misconception from the clients is the fear of the unknown. But above all, the turnout for Family Planning has been encouraging in Asubiaro hospital.

Also, in her word, another Service provider elaborated on this method and others available at the health center, including pills, injections, and intrauterine devices (IUDs), ensuring patients’ access to a wide range of options tailored to their needs.

However, while discussing the range of methods available, the Service provider clarified that more complex procedures, such as vasectomy, are referred to the state hospital for specialized care.

This acknowledgment reflects the center’s commitment to ensuring that patients receive the appropriate level of care and expertise for their chosen family planning method.

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Service provider stated that the centre recorded significant increase in utilization of family planning services by Women and Men of different religions which indicates that they are now coming to terms with the importance of child birth spacing as a result of Media Advocacy, and the Men mostly patronize Condoms.

When queried about side effects or feedback from patients, the service provider declared that the arm implant method often results in the cessation of menstruation or reduced menstrual flow.

However, she assured clients of the center’s commitment to addressing any concerns and providing comprehensive support throughout the family planning process.

As the discourse on family planning continues to evolve, the voices from Oke-Baale PHC, Asubiaro Health Care echo a common sentiment: informed choice and access to a variety of methods are essential for empowering individuals and families to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Through continued education and advocacy, communities can overcome barriers and embrace Family Planning as a pathway to healthier, happier future.

The journey towards comprehensive family planning involves not only access to information and services but also the willingness to challenge misconceptions and embrace informed decision-making, the Service provider said.

The Chairman of the Media Forum, Mr Victor Adeoti, while appreciating the efforts of the centers, said Oke-Baale PHC, Asubiaro Health Care serves as a beacon of hope, offering not just Medical Care but also empathy and support to individuals and families navigating their reproductive health journey.

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