APAPA’s National Chairman Calls on Tinubu to Enforce Death Penalty for Stealing, Corruption, Kidnapping, and Banditry

APAPA’s National Chairman has Called on Tinubu to Enforce Death Penalty for Stealing, Corruption, Kidnapping, and Banditry in Nigeria.

In a press conference addressing the state of the nation, the Labour Party’s National Publicity Secretary, Dr. Abayomi Arabambi, emphasized the urgent need for President Tinubu to enact an executive order implementing capital punishment for corruption and other critical matters affecting the nation.

Arabambi highlighted the pressing challenges facing Nigeria, including the looming specter of hunger and recent revelations of financial misappropriations. He condemned instances such as the EFCC’s declaration of Mrs. Emefiele and others wanted for alleged financial crimes, as well as accusations against churches for sponsoring terrorism.

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Furthermore, Arabambi emphasized the need for swift action against corruption, citing instances of mismanagement of funds in previous administrations. He called for stringent measures, proposing capital punishment for kidnappers and corrupt individuals, stressing the importance of immediate consequences for those arrested.

The Labour Party’s stance comes amidst rising threats to citizens’ safety, including corruption, kidnappings, and threats to schoolchildren. Arabambi urged President Tinubu to address these issues directly, warning of widespread unrest if action is not taken promptly.

Additionally, the Labour Party condemned attempts by the APC’s National Publicity Secretary to shift blame onto opposition parties for recent protests against economic hardships. Arabambi called for accountability, urging security agencies to arrest individuals making divisive and inflammatory statements against the president and the state.

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In conclusion, Arabambi urged President Tinubu to confront corruption decisively, emphasizing the power of Nigerians to secure a better future for all.


Dr. Abayomi Arabambi, National Publicity Secretary, Labour Party

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