Businessman Marries Seven Women in One Day, Buys Them Brand New Cars

Habib Nsikonnene, a Ugandan businessman, has made history by marrying seven women at the same time in a lavish ceremony on Sunday, September 10, in Uganda.
The photos of the event were shared by Capital FM Uganda on X, the social media platform that replaced Twitter.

The seven brides are Mariam, Madinah, Aisha, Zainabu, Fatuma, Rashida, and Musanyusa, who is the first and oldest wife of Nsikonnene.

She has been with him for seven years and has borne him four children. Two of the brides are also biological sisters who share the same father.

Nsikonnene, who is a successful businessman dealing in electronics and hardware, surprised his wives with brand new cars as wedding gifts. Each car had the name of the wife written on it. He also provided them with separate houses in different locations.

Nsikonnene said that he decided to marry all his wives at once to make one big happy family. He said that he met each of them at different times and places and introduced them to each other. He praised his wives for being loyal, supportive, and harmonious with each other.

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“My wives harbour no jealousy amongst themselves. They are like sisters and they help each other in everything. I love them all equally and I treat them fairly. I introduced them separately and decided to wed them all at once to make one big happy family. I am still a young man and in the near future, God willing, I cannot say this is the end of it,” he said.

The wedding ceremony was attended by hundreds of guests, including family members, friends, and well-wishers. The brides wore matching white gowns and veils, while the groom wore a white suit and a gold chain. The event was filled with music, dance, and joy.

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