Christ Resurrection Redeem Christian Church Founder Reveals God’s Mind For Ademola Adeleke, Says Osun Governor will Win Supreme Court

By Bright Gbotemi

THE Founder of Christ Resurrection Redeem Christian Church of Thy Lord, Evangelist Matilda Farinde has rolled out prophetic insights for Osun state Governor, disclosed that Ademola Jackson Adeleke will win at the supreme Court.

Evangelist Matilda made this known to the press on Friday, April 28th, said “God told me Senator Ademola Adeleke will win the supreme Court case that is coming up by May”

“Adeleke has been appointed by God and not woman, Evangelist Matilda disclosed what God told her.

The Founder of Christ Resurrection Redeem Christian Church, revealed that Everything started three years ago.

“It all started three years ago, when God confirmed to me that he(God) has won the Governorship seat for Adeleke’s family, and that I should go ahead and tell the family to gear up, infact I was confused, but later I called Bosun Oode, who took me to the University campus, I met Aunt Dupe, I told her everything that God said, that they should get ready for the number one citizen of the state, that they will win”

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“Today, the vision has come to pass, I give God the glory, Evangelist Matilda said.

The Cleric used this opportunity to call on the federal government to release Nnamdi Kanu from detention since June 2021.

“Nnamdi Kanu must not die in detention, as the federal government should please release him over his health conditions.

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