Fast Growing Crops to Plant and Harvest Within 3 to 12 Months In Nigeria


It is no longer news that crude oil is not enough to sustain the economy of Nigeria. Even before the advent of Covid-19, oil prices have been dwindling. This is because some countries have discovered alternatives to crude oil (solar, electricity and oil from certain seeds) and have looked away from crude oil thereby making the demands less attractive.

The next alternative to oil in terms of revenue generation is Agriculture. And there is no alternative to farming business the world is going to be high demand for food, an opportunity we need to grap.

Instead for Agriculture to dwindle in business, it will rather accelerate this is because of our growing population. We were yet to come to terms with this when covid-19 came and further expand the reasons why we should quickly engage more in Agriculture sector.

3 months Crops in Nigeria;


Soybean is a leguminous crop and can grow any where, it matures within 85 days (3 months). Planting season is July to August, the yield varies according to management.

They are planted mainly for the edible beans which has many uses. Soybeans has the highest protein in food and second in oil to groundnut in leguminous crop. The factors to consider before planting sorghums are; Land choice, seed dressing, seed rate, spacing


Rice farming business is very lucrative , some people say, it is the best Nigeria has a huge market for rice, it can be grown and harvested in 90-120 years (3-4 months) An acre can produce 100 bags of rice.

The things you need to start rice farming are;


With irrigation you can plant all year round. To succeed in rice farming you need, good seeds because the healthier your seeds the more yield you get. Your seeds should be chosen based on your environment. This is because it can increase yield by 5-15%. To provide excellent germination effective bird control should be enforced.

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Quick maturing crops in nigeria;


Millet are from grass family known as cereals crop, it is a small grain seed that serves both human and animal food. Animals gain weight faster with millet compared to others like sorghum. They can withstand hard condition such as; poor soil, drought etc. Millet grow well when cultivated in a fertile soil with adequate moisture. Improved variety or hybrid variety produce 2-4 times higher than other varieties.

Crops You Harvest in Less Than 6 Months;


It is the fifth most important grain after maize, rice, wheat and barley, they do well in warm arid areas. Sorghum takes 4 months to mature, it has a ready market and is very profitable. Propagation is done by broadcasting on ridges. The most challenging factor in Sorghum farming is birds invasion. They are use for beverages, fodder, fibre, porridge, cookies and other snacks.

60 Days Crops in Nigeria;


Irish Potatoes
Irish potato are mostly grown in Plateau and Taraba States but in the Mambilla region. It can be grown on any kind of soil except saline and alkaline soils but growing them in a well drained sandy-loam soil is ideal. They can be propagated through seeds but starts growing when the temperature is 45 degree F. They are mature for harvest 2-3 months after planting. Potatoes can be used as a source of foreign exchange and a major form of employment.

Sorghum farming, guinea corn farming
Crops in nigeria;

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato can be planted with stem cuttings. The best part for planting is the tip that is taken from adult plant with length 30cm of the vine. They are planted between March-April and during late rains August-September but with irrigation it can be planted anytime . It is a low risk crop

6-10 months Crops in Nigeria;


Cassava farming in Nigeria is one of the most popular and common source of livelihood for small scale farmers. This is because cassava is processed into many different forms for local consumption in most homes if not all in Nigeria.

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This root crops is drought tolerant and give good yields if well managed. Cassava farming is very profitable because of their demands, Nigeria population is growing every day thereby making cassava and its products to be on high demand. They can be harvested, between 6-9 months depending on the variety

Cassava can be processed into;

Chips etc.


Plantain farming is one of the most profitable agribusiness you should consider. it is one of the most common staple food, just like cassava. It is high in depend and our growing population has created opportunity for their cultivation.

One of the reasons why plantain farming is lucrative is because once planted, you will keep harvesting fruits every year until their planting season is over. Plantain can be harvested after planting between 7-10 months depending on the variety you planted. The variety cultivated now is the hybrid variety, they are short and produce heavy bunches.


Yam can be planted between late April and early May some people cultivate theirs between December- February, it matures between 5-7 months. This tuber crop needs a sandy-loam soil rich in organic matter. Land preparation is done by mounting heaps or ridges of 1m height. Yam requires adequate sunlight for optimum growth, that is why you have to stake them. 10-15 tonnes yield can be realized in a hectare if all management procedures are observed.


There is need to urgently plant crops with shortest growing season in Nigeria. In other to produce abundant food for local consumption and exportation of processed and raw foods.

We have early maturing crops in Nigeria for you to choose and start planting so we won’t experience starvation in this part of the world. One good cash crops for food is noringa for those experiencing malnutrition.

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