Details of what God told me, storms coming over unrepentant Nigerians in 2023 – Evangelist Maltida reveals


One of the means God uses in communicating to the world is through His ministers as Maltida is one of the religious tools in Christendom that reveals visions, and prophecies, and organizes supernatural events under the leading of God.

Evangelist Maltida Farinde, the founder and leader of the Brave Women Association, has revealed God’s message to the world.

According to Matilda, God is urging the oppressors to release the countless innocent souls who are imprisoned for Him to spare them from His wrath.

“There is a message God said I should spread all over the world, God said I should tell everyone in the world that his hand of revenge is approaching to revenge for the innocent people locked up in the cell all over the world, and that anyone that have hand in any one locked up innocently should make all effort to release the person or else God will fight and revenge to all the unborn generation.”

She went on to say that even though many lives have been wasted through the shielding of innocent blood but God has forgotten that. Meanwhile, the case of the people that are locked up won’t be overlooked if the oppressors refused to free the victims.

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“God said those that have been killed innocently he has forgotten but now the soul of the one locked up innocently is crying for revenge and God said he is ready to take revenge.”

She also urged the world to pray over the coming rainy season because a lot of disasters would occur as God’s nemesis is ready to catch up with every evildoer.

“God said we should pray this year because the rain coming will spoil many things and the ground will open up, okun and Osa river will take revenge very soon.”

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Voice Air Media recalls that Maltida organized a prayer before the 2022 Osun state election to ensure that there would be no bloodshed of any kind, and there was a free and fair election afterward. Also, before the recently elected governor of Osun State’s emergence, the woman of God expressed a prerequisite interest in him.

As Maltida continues to make more emphasis on prayer, she advocates for the love work between every politician and pleaded with people to pray for them all.

“God said we should pray very well, as for the politicians, God said they should embrace each other for peace to reign.”

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Evangelist Matilda further noted that any pastor who prophesies fake prophecy should be caution because the reward is coming.

She warned all the so called Men and Women of God to stop releasing fake prophesy to Nigerians, that his sword will come upon fake pastor this year, 2023.

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