2023 Presidency: Why Ndigbo are fully behind Obi – South East Monarchs

The South East Council of Traditional Rulers and eminent Igbo leaders have urged Nigerians to rally behind the presidential quest of Mr. Peter Obi, the standard bearer of the Labour Party (LP).



They also disclosed why they’re rooting for Obi in next month’s poll.



According to the traditional rulers, they are, as the custodians of culture and tradition of their people, in the best position to say the feelings of those at the grassroots.



Chairman of traditional rulers in the zone, Igwe Lawrence Agubuzu made this know when they hosted Obi and his running mate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, at the Old Eastern House of Chiefs Chambers in Enugu.



According to the retired diplomat, their members vouched for the presidential candidate’s demonstrated excellent track records, innate humility, self-evident honesty and integrity, love for the down-trodden as well as physical fitness and intellectual profundity cum alertness.




Agubuzu, who is also Chairman of Enugu State Council of Traditional Rulers, said though Obi was not running on the banner of his Igbo origin, the monarchs were pleased with the level of love and acceptance the candidate had received from across the country.




He took a swipe at some politicians and businessmen from the zone whose recent statements, he said, embarrassed the people.

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Said he: “It is natural in any struggle for power, which is the kernel of politics, for political opponents to raise critical questions about each other. One of such questions raised about you, Mr. Peter Obi, is whether the people of your home-base which is the South East are fully in support of your person to contest for the presidency of Nigeria. This question is particularly gamine in view of some statements credited to some politicians and businessmen of the South East extraction which embarrassed the well-meaning good people of the South East.




“It is, therefore, incumbent on us traditional rulers who are closest to our people in our respective domains, kingdoms and communities to speak for our voiceless subjects in the discharge of our inherent and manifest responsibility as our customs and tradition demand. Consequently, we seize the opportunity of this unique occasion to inform all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria across Africa and the world that while Mr. Peter Obi is not an Igbo candidate, he has the preponderant home base support of the people of the South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria to vie for the exalted Office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.




“We appeal to every Nigerian to consider Mr. Peter Obi on his own personal merits as a bona fide Nigerian. We also appeal to every Nigerian to consider every other presidential candidate as who he or she is and not on the basis of his or her tribe, religion or ethnic group.

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“We urge Nigerians to show love for Nigeria by following the examples of the 21st century voters all over the world who have shunned primordial sentiments and elected candidates capable of eliminating poverty, corruption, unemployment, injustice, and above all insecurity in their countries.”





Agubuzu stated categorically that as traditional rulers, they do not participate in politics, but nevertheless, have the inalienable duty to advise their subjects to vote for their preferred candidates irrespective of the political parties they belong to and even after the other candidates may have given them money.




“That will eventually eliminate the evil of the so called ‘Vote- buying’ syndrome.”




Also, first civilian Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, said Obi Presidency will enthrone justice, equity, fairness and explosive economic development for the nation.




Speaking in Enugu, Ezeife admonished Igbo who are angry over the outburst of some misguided persons against Obi’s candidacy not to be distracted but to remain focused because they will soon see reason and join the winning team. CONTINUE READING…………………………………..





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