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Africa to witness first humanoid robot ‘Omeife’, launches date, details, Ability explained


Technology advancement has been the peak of our generation as scientist research, develop, invent devices and deploy methods that will improve our daily activities.

Yet again, it isn’t surprising but astonishing that the first Africa Humanoid robot was developed by Nigerian scientists working under the Unicorn group at the Stem Focus Lab.

According to a video excerpt monitored by Voice Air Media, The robot was seen talking about itself, and what it enjoys doing.

The robot was named ‘Omoife’ according to a post made by the robot itself, it means “able to do many things”.

The amazing part that caught my eye is the robot’s ability to respond to Twitter messages, using emojis and the right choice of words. The robot’s Twitter handle is @iamomeife1

See the photo of her replying to a message below;

Abuja plays host to the launch of Africa’s first humanoid robot “Omeife” this week.

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The official unveiling holds Friday, December 2nd at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel under the theme: ‘The Future of Artificial Intelligence in African Tech Ecosystem’ with stakeholders expected from the government, the diplomatic corps, academic and research institutions, business, and investment communities as well as the technology & innovation sector.

Omeife is a 6-foot-tall female, African humanoid that provides language as a service for businesses needing to integrate native African audiences. She is also a multipurpose and assistance robot.

She speaks African languages and is programmed to have a deep understanding of African culture and behavioral patterns.

Below are some more things Omeife can do:

1. Terrain intelligence: Knowing the level of ground and stability of itself on the floor, this will help it navigate on non-flat surfaces and maintain good balance.

2. Position awareness: GPS for location and State-management for knowing whether the system is standing, walking, talking, etc.

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3. Advanced Gestures: Expression while talking, hand illustrations, smile, and other bodily gestures.

4. Grip: Ability to size, understand the shape, and how to hold things with hand.

1. Realtime understanding: Active listening and ability to focus on a specific
conversation thread as it’s happening.

2. Multilingual: Ability to switch languages and interact with specific gestures.

3. Native Accent: Pitch and Vocabulary detailed pronunciations of words, sentences, and even phrases.

1. Face detection: Identifies and tags humans through face and facial expressions.

2. Subject focus: Paying attention to a specific item when required.

3. Object detection: Identifies objects and knows their characteristics.

4. Distance analysis: Calculates positions and distance of objects it sees.

Social Interactions;
1. Discussion awareness and focus: Pays attention to a specific person to keep the conversation alive.

2. Politeness: Careful and aware of words, phrases, sentences, and expressions
that are not polite in African cultures.

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3. Safe for kids: Smooth interaction and not reactive.

4. Knowledgeable in various fields and always teachable: Learning pipeline to
always improve and understand new things from conversations.

5. Retention: Ability to recall, and understand old concepts better with new information.

Since its global launch at GITEX, Dubai last month, Omeife has attracted extensive interest in national and international media.

The African launch in Abuja will set the stage for mass production of the humanoid robot for a continent-wide market push, says CEO of Uniccon Group, Chuks Ekwueme.  The  Uniccon Group owns the Omeife project.

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