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Meet Damour, 12-Year-Old Boy That’s Reportedly Turning Into Stone




Joseph is a father to Damour, a boy who was born with a skin that is very hot and as hard as stone. As a result bans people from touching his skin.


The boy’s name Damour is a French word which means love. No one ever touches him at all because of his skin, sometimes his body becomes so hot that his father has to be pouring water on him.



According to the father, when they gave birth to him, they thought that he was a devil and they got scared. They did not think that he was going to survive for long with a skin like this, but surprisingly he is alive and it looks like he is going to live for long, even though he cannot do some of the things kids normally does, like playing with others.

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At first they use to call him a frog because of his skin. The cloths he wears immediately get dirty and they get hard because of how hot his skin is. As a result his parent always bought him heavy cloths because if the material is not strong they get spoilt.








































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