Brightest Talents Are Often Discovered In The Places You Least Expect – Abiola Ayodele Reveals How To Be Successful In Life

Abiola Ayodele, a communication consultant, has revealed revelations on how to discover talent.

The former staff of the Broadcasting corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), who later resigned from a private Radio to take up the work of the ministry, spoke at the just concluded 2021 DOWOB programme on Tuesday via Online.

DOWOB is an event scheduled to impact the society and to mark the birth of the CEO/publisher of VAM, Comrade Tunde Bright Olorungbotemi.

In his teaching: Talent has nothing to do with what you studied in school. I never studied Mass Communication, but I have worked with so many media stations, both print and broadcast media. How did I discover this inherent ability, how have I been able to utilize for the benefit of mankind, and how have I been able to hone the craft to make money.

“It can be really herculean to identify your brightest talents because they are often discovered in the places you least expect. You may even be very good at things that you perceive yourself as being bad at.
Though it’s going to take a little work, there are many good reasons to want to explore your talents.”

“We know of people who make millions with their talent. When you check what some persons studied in school and what they do now to make ends meet, you’ll realise that there’s so much talent can achieve.” Abiola said

“We’ve seen medical doctors and lawyers who are great musicians, how good a basketball player would Micheal Jordan be if he spent all his time playing base ball.”

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Abiola, who is now a Pastor and a Consultant in communication, encouraged participants not to submit to the falsehood that’s been going about town, that not everyone is talented. It’s a big fat lie.

“Everyone has a talent or more. Just that a lot of people are yet to discover what their talent is.”

“Everyone is blessed. God is not partial. Get to know the inherent abilities inside of you and that could help make the world a better place.”

“Some persons have affected the world that we live in with their music, dance, poetry, designs, ideas and lots more.”

“If the world needs a Saviour, can your talent turn you into a superhuman that will save the day…”

“You aren’t suited to every market. Every blessing isn’t meant for you. Every source of motivation is not available to you. Go ahead and research yourself to see what works best for you!
Every successful person you see today sat down and carefully considered their fate. They knew what they wanted, they went for it, they stuck to it, they failed many times, but they never gave up, and they succeeded!
You haven’t done any research. You haven’t taken the time to contemplate your fate. You haven’t mastered your skills, but you’ll witness people doing something and making something, and you’ll want to join in. By the time you join, you’ve already begun to whine that it’s difficult, that it’s difficult, that you’ve given up, then you fall into depression. You then start accusing the successful people of using jazz.”

“If you hear someone say they quit their job in finance and started a business and are now billionaires, please don’t follow the same strategy if you don’t know who you are.”

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“Some people would claim that they dropped out of school and established a business, and that they are now the top earners in their field.”

“Please, if you do not know yourself, do not enter into such an endeavor.”

“The fact that a woman had sex with a random stranger and married him, that they’re wealthy and living the high life, doesn’t imply you should do the same.”

“Your coworker quit and relocated to the United States, and every day he tells you, “Bro, come over, resign and come over.”

“Just because it worked out for him doesn’t imply it will work out for you.”

Abiola further advised participants to please set aside time, sit down, have a solitary moment, speak to yourself, do some self-reflection, evaluate what and what doesn’t work for you, highlight the small things that paid off, and make huge things out of it.

“Even if it’s something you despise doing, go check it out; it might be where your destiny rests.”

“Nine times out of ten, we try to avoid our fate by imitating others.
We end up loathing our destiny as a result of our attempts to flee it. And if you despise something, you’ll get dissatisfied, stagnant, unhappy, and occasionally envious.
All of us can’t be CEO or a Boss. Most of you will make it in life faster as a servant to someone than as a CEO if you check well. Forget about the social media craze. Forget about the huge companies, celebrities, and all the other distractions you see, and go on a journey of self-discovery.

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Most of the time, copying others lead to premature death.

Your own destiny has a long life in it, but you end up losing it because you want to do what others are doing.


Because you’ve taken the wrong turn!
Please, whenever you read this, stay alone in your room or toilet at night and begin your path of self-discovery. If you’re religious, you can fast and pray, asking God to reveal who you are.
Remember that not everyone is destined to become a billionaire. Some of you are destined to be wealthy, while others are destined to be content. Some of you are destined to be millionaires, while others are destined to be powerful. What counts is that you keep your genuine identity, enjoy peace of mind, and live a long life, regardless of which group you belong into.

When you’ve finished with self-discovery, do anything you want without feeling guilty.

Take pride in it. If selling tomatoes or packing feaces is your fate, DO IT WITHOUT REGRET! DO IT WITH PRIDE, and never forget to ignore those that are negative.” Abiola stated.

Lastly, I ask again,


Abiola Ayodele concluded.

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