Mikeremy Movies TV is out With Filmmaker Mike Onwuemezie – WATCH HERE

In these tough times of insecurity, one needs a breather in the form of laughter, and this TV is much needed.

Mike Onwuemezie, the popular Nigerian filmmaker, has set up a new production joint venture, Mike Remy Movies TV. https://youtu.be/7txoWpuxXl4

The online television ideas for the Nigerians and international, is to enjoy the best movie and comedy skits, VOICEAIRMEDIA reports

MikeRemmy is one of those channels that is planning a revamp and reshape the movie Industry to satisfy the viewers.

The best-known comedian and TV personality, has produced the following movies; The Bad Joe, We roll the dice among many others.

Mikeremy Movies TV is out With Filmmaker Mike Onwuenezie

Mike, the executive producer said, “We’re already the hottest media company and startup of the year. Please enjoy our suspenseful movie by MikeRemy and subscribe to our movies channel on YouTube https://youtu.be/7txoWpuxXl4 for more interesting and latest movie of your choice


Comedy shows do lift the mood of the audiences and they are always hooked to such shows, the filmmaker said.

Subscribe now https://youtu.be/7txoWpuxXl4

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