How Eid-el-Kabir Festival Affects Livestocks, Foodstuffs, Price In The Markets




VAM news has observed that the foodstuff price has been having increment since the speculation of one of the Muslims annual festival known as Eid- el-Kabir.


From the reports gathered from some markets within Osogbo and its environs, it was noticed in some markets like Igbona, Oluode and Ota-efun that price of livestock, clothes, foodstuffs and some other commodities have been increased from their original price before the approaching of Eid-el-Kabir festival.



Foodstuffs like rice, beans, yam, eggs, noodles and pasta etc., experience slight or unnoticeable change in price in the markets because inflation have already immensely affected them already even before the festive period.

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Also, there is hike in the price of fabrics in the market, for example the lowest price for lace materials is #5,000 now, there is slight change in the price of Ankara too and some other sewing materials.


Tomatoes, onions and peppers too is not exempted from the high cost. The portion of peppers, tomatoes and onions selling for #1,000 now is greatly different from how they were sold before the Eid-el-Kabir festival.


It was learnt that the price of Ram and cow is extremely high now, which make many people unable to buy them because their purchasing power is below the tagged price of the livestocks in the markets, and due to this, most people resolved in jointly buying cows and sharing it within themselves.

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