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Man who Graduated with Low Degree Becomes Company Manager


A Nigerian man, Olajide Abiola, has narrated an inspiring story of how his protege became a country manager in a big company.

The young man was initially scared about his future because he graduated from school with a 3rd class but Olajide encouraged him shortly after his graduation, he then got employed by one of the biggest chemical companies and also became the country manager.

A story shared by a data scientist and military veteran, Olajide Abiola, has aroused the hopes of many Nigerians on Facebook. Olajide narrated how his protege rose to the position of being a company manager in a big company, despite graduating from school with a 3rd class.

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The young man had performed his NYSC in Olajide’s company and was earning little then because it was still a startup.

Olajide taught him and equipped him with managerial skills while he was with him.

However, the boy was deeply sad. He opened up to Olajide that he graduated with a 3rd class and has fears about his future. Olajide advised him to go back to the company where he did his industrial training (IT) and apply.

The young lad took his advice and got the position. Today, he’s the country manager of the company.

Olajide wrote on Facebook: “One of my school sons/proteges graduated with a 3rd class. He performed his NYSC with my young company in 2010.

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“A day after his NYSC POP, I was sitting on a pavement outside my office. He came to sit beside me and said “egbo, I graduated with a 3rd Class”.

“He was expecting me to be shocked or disappointed. I simply looked at him and said “what about it if you graduated with a 3rd class?”.

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