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Youngest PHD holders: Young Girl Set Outstanding Record


Tessa Embry, a 17-year-old student at Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has earned her PhD, making her one of the country’s youngest PhD holders.

Tessa was a standout student throughout high school, earning her diploma at the age of 11 from Lake County College in Illinois and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the age of 14 from Chicago University in Chicago, Illinois.

Tessa proceeded for her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and earned it at the age of 15 and she thereafter enrolled for her PhD in Aviation Psychology at the Capella University in Minneapolis.

Tessa’s mother spoke about her achievement saying her daughter was prepared for the achievement. She said: “Academically and mentally she was prepared for it. And I didn’t want to put a cap on it and hinder her and limit her if she was able to accomplish it. And I just went on and encouraged her to go ahead and make the most of it.”

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Dr Tessa Embry is a licensed pilot and also an author, she said she started reading and understood college materials at the age of 6 years old and 8 years old.

The first topic that I read about was consciousness in sleeping dreams and about the neurons in the brain and I thought that was very interesting to study,” Tessa recalled.

She went on to explain how she was able to achieve such a feat at such a young age, saying that while most young girls were having sleepovers and playing video games, she was studying.

She claims that her high IQ is simply one of her many skills; she’s also determined, ambitious, and inquisitive.

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She also feels a sense of responsibility to use her intellect in a helpful way to the world’s progress. “I’ve been placed in a position to help society in deep ways and in as many ways as possible,” she added.

Dr. Tessa Embry earned her doctorate in 2017 and is now a well-known author. She operates her businesses, building apps for Google and Apple platforms, promoting her books, and giving speeches.

She plans to use her doctorate to work with organizations in the aviation industry, assisting them in adjusting for human factors and preventing employees from acting inappropriately while in the air.

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