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Mother-Daughter Duo Make History In Law School


Daphne Davis, 52, and her daughter Edriuna Davis, 26, are both graduates of the Birmingham School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama.

They are said to be the first mother-daughter combo in the history of the school to graduate at the same time.

The mom and her daughter are preparing for the next step, the Alabama bar exam, after getting their law degrees.

Both the mother and her daughter graduated from the University of Alabama’s Birmingham School of Law at the same time, establishing history in the establishment.

Daphne Davis, 52, and 26-year-old Edriuna Davis, reportedly become the first mother-daughter duo to graduate at the same time since the institution’s inception in 1915.

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The idea and quest to pursue law came to Daphne in 2009 while she meticulously gathered evidence for her divorce, and in 2017, she finally decided to return to school.

While at it, her daughter Edriuna earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Tuskegee University and was accepted to several law schools in the same year.

Daphne’s daughter entered the Birmingham School of Law where she had previously enrolled.

Despite the challenges they experience as a family, the mother-daughter duo overcame them.

”I crossed the finish line, and my lesson was taught to my children.”

Daphne told the Birmingham Times. Edriuna was diagnosed with postpartum cardiomyopathy after giving birth to her son Denver during the summer semester of 2020 and suffered from heart failure but still managed to get through. After earning their law degrees, the duo is preparing for the Alabama bar exam.

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