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How Nigerian Man Saved Mentally ill Woman Child


Benkingsley Nwashara, a Nigerian man, has stepped in to save an abandoned 2-year-old child of a mentally challenged lady.

Benkingsley stated he found the baby on the side of the road and took him home on the orders of the DPO at the police station where he was discovered.

The kindhearted man explained that the infant had been severely harmed by the rain in the area where she was discovered, and that market ladies had stood by watching the child without offering assistance.

Benkingsley Nwashara, a young man, was praised on social media for rescuing a 2-year-old child who had been left alone by a mentally challenged mom.

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Benkingsley had uploaded images of a small girl he had picked up outside Agbani on Twitter on Wednesday, June 15.

He claimed the child was born to a mentally ill woman who lives in Eke Agbani, Enugu. Benkingsley claimed he took her to the police station after picking her up and was advised to take her home and return the next day.

Benkingsley then bemoaned how the market women in the neighborhood where the child was picked abandoned her in a subsequent tweet. The baby, he claims, was harmed by the torrential rain.

“This little one has gone through a lot. She sat in the same location all day yesterday, despite the torrential rain. No action was taken by the market women.”

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The good man took the child to the hospital for treatment since he was covered in sores all over his body.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized the infant was progressively regaining her health following a 15-hour hospital stay.

Benkingsley turned to the internet for aid in devising a meal plan for the child. He expressed himself as follows: “…Please advise us on the best diet to feed her for the time being. I’m not sure how to care for children.”

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