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Young Lady Celebrates Becoming A Home Owner


A young lady has taken to social media to celebrate becoming a house owner and doing it by acquiring her dream home.

The excited lady narrated that it all started in August 2021 when she got tired of living in a rented apartment 8 months down the line, she not ticked a house off her checklist but changed jobs into something she loves.

The young lady whose name is Erin Dickey is over the moon in celebration as her dream of owning a house finally came true. Dickey took to LinkedIn to flaunt the new house which she said is her dream property.

According to the latest house owner, her desire to acquire a house was ignited in August 2021.

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The lady who at that time lived in a rented apartment said she rent renewals, rising rents and other challenges with living as a tenant.

Then in January 2022, Dickey said she realized her job could no longer support her dreams as she saw fit. However, in March 2022, Dickey got a self-satisfying job and moved into her dream house in April 2022.

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