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Osun 2022: APC, PDP tops media engagement chart


Ahead of July 16th Osun state governorship election, analysis shows that the ruling All Progressive Congress Party, (APC) and the people’s democratic party, (PDP) has top the media engagement chart.

In a program monitored by Voiceairmedia correspondent, at examining the political campaign atmosphere in Osun state for the upcoming July 16th gubernatorial

The anchor of the show for the fourth edition of the program said Media engagement for each political party is still on and campaigns have reduced due to each party’s primaries

The attacks from each political party have reduced to 23.71 compared to the other weeks, claims drop down to 22.4 and defense also comes down to 13.79 compared to the former edition of the program.

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The chief attacker is the members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the chief defender is the ruling All Progressive Congres (APC).

The attacks keep getting higher on Social Media, most especially on Facebook, and the highest engagement was on Twitter,” Jare said.

The APC party has 100% of highly informed engagement and 71% of slightly informed engagement, the PDP has 12%, while the Labour Party and accord both have 7.69% of slightly informed.

The PDP encroached on highly intensive toxic personality disparagement with 57.14%, the APC follows with 28.57%, and Labour Party with 14.24% while in Moderately intensive personality disparagement, the PDP top, followed by APC and Accord respectively. The slightly intensive PDP also leads with 53% followed by APC at 44% and the Labour party has 2.1% on that.

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APC tops in the non-intensive personality disparagement with 68.88%, PDP has 18% followed by accord party.

It was made known that Six out of the 15 Political parties contesting for Osun gubernatorial election which is in five weeks are found missing, not engaging and too silent.

The security agencies and INEC officials were urged to be on red alert, to avoid vote-buying, and rigging, and to ensure peace and fair voting on the day of the election.”

©Anchor: Jare Tiamuyi
Writer, and edited by Hamzat Opeyemi, Bright Gbotemi

©Eye on the ball is a program partnered by Insight Media and Positive Agenda Nigeria.

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