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House maid surprises mother gifts her a home


Carol Kafuna is one happy woman after she fulfilled her long-time dream of building her mother a house for years, her mother lived in deserted homes whose owners are dead

Since her mother’s husband abandoned her after marrying a second wife, Kafuna decided to wipe her mother’s tears by building her a place she can call home and started saving after getting a job as a house help.

Speaking to a trusted Kenyan news media, Kafuna narrated how her mother was forced to live in borrowed homes especially after her father abandoned her when he married a second wife.

My mum was even forced to go back to her maternal home because my dad was not taking care of her. So she would often go ask for a place to stay in homes whose owners have died.

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“I was so heartbroken seeing her suffer but I decided to work hard to put a smile on her face,” she said.

Kafuna said her mum’s woes inspired the house. The troubles that her mum had while seeking a place to lay her head moved her to start saving after she got a job as a housemaid.

“I promised to build her a house and so I did a job as a house help and I started saving to fulfill the promise and finally, I have achieved this. It has just been through God’s help,” she said.

She also said that she built the spacious mud-walled house on the mum’s matrimonial piece of land near a dilapidated shanty where she previously lived next to the second wife’s homestead. Kafuna estimated the total cost of the house to be KSh 60,000 (N213k).

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“I used around 60,000. Iron sheets cost me 20,000 and so if I add other items such as nails, timber, labour and other miscellaneous costs, I did not spend less than KSh 60,000,” she said.

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